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Sometimes grownups need a chance to tap into their creative side, the right side of their brain. Painting can lift one’s spirits, be relaxing and joyful; almost like a mini vacation. Add a glass of wine or other drink and it is a winning combination! Bring a friend and it’s even better! Spirited Paints is owned and operated by Julie Waterman, an Illinois native that moved to Maine over 20 years ago with her husband and then small children. She has a B.S. in Interior Design from the University of Illinois with a strong fine arts background.


She is a member of the Royal River Art League in Yarmouth, Maine. Her work has been shown locally in coffee shops and art galleries in the area.


To see her professional artwork visit her blog:

How is Spirited Paints different?

  • We are artist-owned and operated

  • We are an independent locally owned business, not a franchise

  • We believe everyone is creative

  • We offer private parties either in your home, or at a local restaurant of your choice that is willing to host.


Clients choose Spirited Paints for:

  • team building

  • client development

  • corporate entertainment

  • bachelorette parties

  • bridal showers

  • gatherings of friends

  • business meetings

  • special occasions

  • birthday parties

  • date night


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